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Nutted Naked Slut Bars

My husband was playing around with some recipes that we found online. The original recipes were KnockYou Naked Cookie Bars and Slutty Brownie. So we took some good ideas from both recipes. We started with a chocolate chocolate chip cookie base, then added a peanut butter caramel layer, then added a peanut butter cookie layer, and if it wasn’t obey gooey enough, added chocolate peanut butter icing to the top. If that ins.t gooey deliciousness, I don’t know what is.


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TWD: Popovers

This week’s recipe, popovers is available on Paula’s and Amy’s blogs.

This must have been the easiest recipe yet to date!  Blend, pour, and bake.  Can’t get much simpler than that.  I have never had a popover before, so I really did not have any frame of reference to compare this recipe to.  In the book, it says some people like the creamy inside, and some don’t, well, I did!  They turned out fine, I just don’t know if I would really ever make them again.  I guess you serve them instead of rolls and such.  I just think I prefer rolls over popovers.



The making of this recipe began with taking my kids (ages 2 and 4) to go strawberry picking.  Boy was that something!  my daughter (the 2 year old) couldn’t stop eating the strawberries!  Her face and hands were covered in red strawberry juice!

This week’s recipe is hosted by Sophia of Sophia’s Sweets and Allison of Sleep Love Think Dine.

All in all, I think the recipe was just okay.  It was a struggle to start with since my oven is broken, it is not maintaining temperature.  Fluctuating up to about 100 degress.  So it was a delicate balance of adjusting the set temperature every 5 minutes.  I found the cake itself to be dry.  Although I hear that it is supposed to be that way, I didn’t care for it. The strawberry was delicious, and so was the whipped icing.  When I served it, some people felt the same as me, and others enjoyed.  So I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea.


TWD: Pecan Sticky Buns

Today’s recipe is being hosted by Lynn of Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat and Nicole of Cookies on Friday.  I must say this made my house smell divine!!  My husband saw them, and gave me fair warning that he better get one of them!!  They did take a lot of time and energy to make, but weren’t difficult necessarily.  However, I did add some extra cinnamon, 1/4 tsp for 14 rolls seemed skimpy, I used 1 tsp. I have never made sticky buns before, only cinnamon rolls.  So I found it interesting that these buns are actually baked upside down, where the “sticky” layer comes from butter and brown sugar on the bottom of the pan, and then the whole thing is flipped over.  Personally, I just thought they were okay.  Others that had tasted my batch enjoyed them more.  My husband thinks they would be better with more nut filling (more like a nut roll).  Too bad I doubt he will ever get to try that, since I will probably stick with my easier cinnamon roll recipe that has more of a “doughy” texture than a “flaky” one like this (I prefer doughy).


Did someone say Samoas?

In honor of all the girl scjout cookies around, I honored my favorite this week, the samoa!  I could eat a whole box of these in one sitting (luckily i try to control myself).  But then I came upon a Samoa Cake recipe

Samoa Cake

Samoa Cake

a Samoa Brownie recipe

Samoa Brownies

Samoa Brownies

a small piece of samoa brownie (cause boy are they rich!)

Both of these are so indulgent, decadent, and delicious.  If you love samoa cookies, you must try to make these!!!


candyland cake


Well, another baking adventure.  What do you make when your son asks for a “colorful cake” for his birthday?  A candyland cake!  Not a difficult cake to make, just time consuming with placing each individual piece of candy on the cake, not to mention unwrapping each piece.  Then the task of keeping it hidden so that the kids didn’t steel any of the pieces of cancy.  All in all a delicious cake that was every child’s dream!!

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Antonio’s Birthday

Well, I have been a busy baker these days!  Today is my son’s 4th birthday (some would say 1st birthday being leap year)!  The morning started with chocolate chip pancakes that spell out his name: Tony. 

Too bad, the novelty wore off as my son loved that it spelled his name and the chips, but could care less about the pancake.  Luckily his sister loved them!!

Then we are on to the cupcakes for preschool.  I decided to try to make chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.   They are yellow cupcakes with cookie dough in the center.  And don’t worry, the cookie dough is egg free, so even i not cooked all the way, they are safe to eat!!  The were a little full in the cupcake cups, the next time i make them, I will have to do so will a tad less batter.  We shall see how school likes them.  Of course it made 24, and only 12 were needed for school, so I wonder what will become of the other 12……………………..

the cookie dough balls (frozen so that they do not cook in the oven)

cake batter with frozen cookie dough on top

the final product


Hello world!

Hello!  This is my first time blogging.  I am not a very good writer, so I hope nobody minds.  What I am good at is baking!!  I started this blog to join a baking group, that is baking recipes from “Baking with Julia.”  Follow along to see what we are baking in the group as well as some other things I may happen to post.  Cakes are my specialty!

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