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TWD: Gingerbread Cake

on December 4, 2012

The recipe for Gingerbread Cakes can be found on the site of this week’s host: <a href="http://This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for Gingerbread Cakes can be found on the site of this week's host: Karen’s Kitchen Stories

I was really looking forward to making this, but I am left disappointed. I normally love all things gingerbread, from cookies, to cakes, to drinks. Can’t quite put a finger on what I don’t like here. Maybe just too strong of a taste. Maybe the brand of molasses makes a difference too. A pretty simple recipe overall, and i chose to do one large cake instead of 8 “baby” cakes. Curious to see how everybody else’s turned out.



7 responses to “TWD: Gingerbread Cake

  1. It was a dissapointment to me too..way to strong. Sorry it was not good:)

  2. We were disappointed too!! I am actually glad to see others didn’t enjoy it either..thought it might be us haha 🙂 Still fun to try new things!

  3. So sorry this didn’t turn out the way you’d hoped. I agree that it was strong, but I can never resist a spicy gingerbread!

  4. smarkies says:

    This did not turn out to my taste as well – molasses a little too strong for me.
    I am now on the hunt for a gingerbread recipe!

  5. SandraM says:

    I was disappointed too. And I was also looking forward to making it as I love gingerbread.

  6. Beautiful slice of cake!
    I agree with you about the taste though, very strong!

  7. I agree too. The molasses taste was too strong for me. I don’t think gingerbread should taste like molasses. It should taste like ginger. But that’s my opinion. It was nice and moist as I like it though.

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