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TWD: Popovers

This week’s recipe, popovers is available on Paula’s and Amy’s blogs.

This must have been the easiest recipe yet to date!  Blend, pour, and bake.  Can’t get much simpler than that.  I have never had a popover before, so I really did not have any frame of reference to compare this recipe to.  In the book, it says some people like the creamy inside, and some don’t, well, I did!  They turned out fine, I just don’t know if I would really ever make them again.  I guess you serve them instead of rolls and such.  I just think I prefer rolls over popovers.


TWD: Berry Galette

Lisa of Tomato Thymes in the Kitchen and Andrea of The Kitchen Lioness were the hosts this week, so check out their sites for the recipe.

Thank goodness this was an easy recipe, cause 2 weeks in a row was a little tricky.  The dough itself was unusual.  It was very loose and soft.  After being chilled it wasn’t as loose, but still was softer than most pie doughs.  Not sure if this is how it is supposed to be or not.  But overall very simple to make and delicious.  I used blueberries, as I usually have them on hand (or in mouth), and used the honey as well since I love honey flavor.  Simple and easy.  Will be making again, but possibly with regular pie crust.


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