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TWD: Hazelnut Biscotti

on July 3, 2012

This week’s recipe was hosted by: Jodi of Homemade and Wholesome and Katrina of Baking and Boys, so please check their pages out to see the full recipe.  But this has to be one of the best and easiest basic biscotti recipes I have ever made.  And I have made plenty.  It takes minutes to throw together.  One thing I really was happy about was how easy it was to cut.  A lot of recipes are temperamental in the timing of the slicing for the second baking.  Usually you have to time it just right so it is not too warm or too cold as you slice them, so they do not turn into a crumbly mess.  In this recipe, it stated that you could wait overnight before slicing if it is easier for you, and I thought “no way.”  It will surely crumble and be too hard when i try to cut it in the morning.  But low and behold it had just enough chew and crunch to make slicing a breeze!  Wahoo!!  And the taste is perfect!  Not too sweet, great for dipping in coffee.  Maybe even dip half in chocolate for a more decadent dessert!  Will definitely be making this again!


6 responses to “TWD: Hazelnut Biscotti

  1. Yours came out great. I didn’t make mine tall enough on the first bake so they are shorter, but they taste great!!!

  2. Jodie says:

    Great job! Glad you liked them!

  3. susan says:

    my husband topped them with a little bit of nutella….to die for!!!!!

  4. Teresa says:

    We had time to make two batches, these were so easy. Yours look lovely!

  5. I´m glad you liked your biscotti! They are great dipped in chocolate

  6. Cher says:

    Isn’t it great when something is good & easy?
    Very nice!

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