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What a great easy recipe!  The hardest part was zesting the lemons.  No mixer needed for this recipe, all done by hand.  I found the end result, was not as dense as I expected it to be.  I don’t think it is as heavy as a pound cake.  Very delicious, and lemony.  Next time, I may make a lemon glaze to drizzle over it.  And with the left over lemons, I made a fabulous homemade lemonade with it!  My son is very thankful for the lemonade, it is his favorite, because oddly enough he is not really a cake fan (icing on the other hand is a different story)!

The recipes can be found on our host blogs.  Go check out Truc of Treats and Michelle of The Beauty of Life.

Here’s how mine looked.



I must say, I really enjoyed this one! I do believe it is my favorite recipe we have done from the book so far! Which is surprising to me, since it isn’t truly a sweet dish (even though, I am definitely a sweet fan over savory). But this dish was heavenly! Just the right combination of sweet and savory, with that sweet crust. Which (the crust that is) I must say, was interesting to be using the dough from a cookie for this dish. But it was great together! Kind of like quiche meets ricotta pie!! It really was fairly simple too, so I plan on making this one again and again!

For the recipe make sure you visit our hosts – Emily at Capital Region Dining and Raelynn of The Place They Call Home.


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