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White Loaves

on February 7, 2012

Well, here it is…my first TWD blog post.  I am getting this one in just in the nick of time.  Luckily the first recipe is simple with basic ingredients, because with being on vacaction and playing “catch up” at home yesterday, and work today, this has been a challenge.  But all in all I think it turned out great!  The one loaf is a little mishapen, as I was speeding my weigh through shaping the dough, since I was making dinner at the same time, and trying to stop my 2 year old from eating crayons.  (Atleast I didn’t accidentally put the crayon in the bread.)  All in all, the house smells great and the loaves look delish!  But my true test will be tomorrow, when my 4 year old son takes it to school for his peanut butter and jelly!

These turned out so good, I may try the whole wheat recipe.  I may end up using that as my “usual” whole wheat bread.


2 responses to “White Loaves

  1. These look great! The recipe passed my “kid test” and they can’t wait to have it tomorrow. They all snacked on it this evening before bed – I guess it’s better than snacking on cookies~

  2. Cher says:

    With little ones in the house, crayons in the bread is probably not outside the realm of possibility 🙂
    Looks like your loaves came out great!

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