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Antonio’s Birthday

Well, I have been a busy baker these days!  Today is my son’s 4th birthday (some would say 1st birthday being leap year)!  The morning started with chocolate chip pancakes that spell out his name: Tony. 

Too bad, the novelty wore off as my son loved that it spelled his name and the chips, but could care less about the pancake.  Luckily his sister loved them!!

Then we are on to the cupcakes for preschool.  I decided to try to make chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.   They are yellow cupcakes with cookie dough in the center.  And don’t worry, the cookie dough is egg free, so even i not cooked all the way, they are safe to eat!!  The were a little full in the cupcake cups, the next time i make them, I will have to do so will a tad less batter.  We shall see how school likes them.  Of course it made 24, and only 12 were needed for school, so I wonder what will become of the other 12……………………..

the cookie dough balls (frozen so that they do not cook in the oven)

cake batter with frozen cookie dough on top

the final product


TWD: Chocolate Truffle Tart

Well, first of all, this was supposed to be tartlets and I do not have tartlet pans, nor do I have a tart pan for that matter.  So decided to make do with a pie pan.  The only problem I encountered, was guessing the amount of time to cook the tart being a large glass pie pan.  And apparently, I over guessed.  I don’t think it had the texture it was supposed to have.  All in all it was not a hard recipe to make.  Especially, I think, if I had the correct tartlet pans, and cooked it according to the recipe, it probably would have turned out right.  The taste I found to be not very sweet, and may have tasted better with an accent of whipped cream or ice cream!

Below I am showing pictures of the cooked crust, the tart shell with filling, the finished/cooked tart, and then a slice of the tart, so you can see the inside.

This week’s TWD hosts are Steph, Spike, Jaime, and Jessica and you should be able to find the recipe of these tartlets posted in their blogs.


White Loaves

Well, here it is…my first TWD blog post.  I am getting this one in just in the nick of time.  Luckily the first recipe is simple with basic ingredients, because with being on vacaction and playing “catch up” at home yesterday, and work today, this has been a challenge.  But all in all I think it turned out great!  The one loaf is a little mishapen, as I was speeding my weigh through shaping the dough, since I was making dinner at the same time, and trying to stop my 2 year old from eating crayons.  (Atleast I didn’t accidentally put the crayon in the bread.)  All in all, the house smells great and the loaves look delish!  But my true test will be tomorrow, when my 4 year old son takes it to school for his peanut butter and jelly!

These turned out so good, I may try the whole wheat recipe.  I may end up using that as my “usual” whole wheat bread.


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